KetoGroup had exciting Zoom meeting with Nutrition Network

– May 18, 2021 –

KetoGroup succeeded in using Nutrition Network study materials in its training and had a Zoom meeting with the organization to guide the development of a new profession worldwide. A profession of coaches who offer guidance on low-carbohydrate diets of their own choice or recommended by medical care providers. The profession does not exist yet. There are people internationally who perform these activities, but they are neither regulated nor controlled.

KetoGroup is in favor of regulation and registration and has sent Nutrition Network the draft versions of a possible professional profile and professional code of a solid coach and has opted for the name “ketocoach”. Nutrition Network’s response was enthusiastic and KetoGroup’s proposal is being discussed internally by the organization.

In the lively conversation, KetoGroup was also offered to translate the Nutrition Network Advisory course into Dutch and to become co-owner of this course. KetoGroup naturally felt honored and is investigating the possibilities of achieving this in the near future.