KetoGroup spreads its wings..

– May 24, 2021  –

KetoGroup has been busy behind the scenes developing a training course and a franchise for ketocoaches, creating a training for the therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet for osteopaths and developing a possible structure for the professional organisation for ketocoaches in The Netherlands and beyond.

KetoGroup has developed a professional profile, a professional code, training and practice requirements for the description, training, regulation and quality control of this previously undefined profession.

After all, an activity such as ketocoaching that takes itself seriously must be monitored and regulated.
KetoGroup is committed to registering ketocoaches as practitioners of a separate profession and is in talks with Nutrition Network about a possible international register. Several ketocoaches are already active in the Netherlands and abroad who have been thoroughly trained in carbohydrate reduction and other metabolic strategies but do not have a registered profession as a medical care provider. KetoGroup wants to stand up for this group and strive nationally and internationally for association and registration of this new professional group.

On May 31, this year, KetoGroup will start a pilot course “real-time online training ketocoach”.

A small group of students follows a live online program in addition to the Nutrition Network Advisor Training, a thorough online training from a renowned institute for advice and guidance on a low-carbohydrate diet. Part of this group is given the opportunity to do an alternative second part of the course and to be trained as an allround practical assistant osteopathy.

In October, KetoGroup will organise a four-day course in the therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet within the osteopathic practice in collaboration with in-service training agency Panta Rhei Osteopathie.

Many conditions that osteopaths encounter in daily practice can be positively influenced by the ketogenic diet.

In this course, the osteopath learns from the hat and the brim of the ketogenic diet and learns to use ketocoaches in the counseling and follow-up of patients. All courses of KetoGroup are exempt from VAT due to registration with the CRKBO.
Last but not least, KetoGroup offers brand new ketocoaches the opportunity to join and benefit from the guidance and support of starting ketocoaches.

Ketogroup helps to find a good practice location, offers the possibility to use the KetoGroup marketing and communication materials and the Nutrition Network knowledge base.

In addition, KetoGroup also takes over the scheduling of appointments and invoicing and, if desired, offers replacement in case of illness or vacation.
The moment has arrived. KetoGroup spreads its wings and is ready to realize its mission and vision; Improving the health and vitality of the Dutch and Belgian population through a well-considered and personally guided low-carbohydrate diet. If you would like to know more about the mission and vision, the franchise, the organizational plan or the training offer of KetoGroup, quickly visit our website or follow us on Facebook. We are ready to answer all your questions

Frank Zweedijk D.O, medical director of KetoGroup