Our relationship with Nutrition Network

Low Carb Nutrition as a medicine:


“This is the new medicine, which is going to take 30 years to be accepted. But as far as your health is concerned you better accept it today, you haven’t got 30 years to wait for medicine to catch up…”

>>Prof. T. Noakes, 21 April 2015, JHB

Our relationship with Nutrition Network

Nutrition Network is an education, connection and learning platform founded by The Noakes Foundation in partnership with an esteemed team of doctors and scientists. The platform has been designed exclusively for healthcare practitioners across all disciplines, covering the latest and most up-to-date science and research in the field of Low Carb Nutrition. The working method of KetoGroup ketocoaches is fully conformed to the insights and coaching methods of Nutrition Network.

KetoGroup medical director Frank Zweedijk was one of the first students to graduate as a Nutrition Network Practitioner wrldwide. KetoGroup has been given the opportunity to use the educational material of the Nutrition Network platform, which is highly regarded worldwide.

KetoGroup will spread the message of Nutrition Network in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, KetoGroup offers structure and guidance to recently graduated Nutrition Network coaches through its franchise formula.

In communication with Nutrition Network, KetoGroup is working on description, organisation, regulation and development of the profession ketocoach.

“The benefits of exercise are unbelievable… But if you have to exercise to keep your weight done your diet is wrong!”



>>Prof. T. Noakes MD