The Ketocoaching profession:

Ketocoaching is a developing profession and is described as follows in the professional profile developed by KetoGroup:

“Ketocoaching is the methodical informing, checking and guiding of clients during a low-carbohydrate diet, chosen by them or advised by medical practitioners, with the aim of making this intervention safe and effective.”

Carbohydrate restriction is an effective clinical intervention that can help clients achieve certain health goals. Carbohydrate restriction occurs when less than the recommended 130 grams of carbohydrates per day, a reference from the US Dietary Reference Intake, are consumed. The Dutch Nutrition Center even uses 260 grams / day as a guideline. Carbohydrate restriction focuses on certain target groups and metabolic imbalances, but can also be used as a preventive strategy. Carbohydrate restriction is not a cure-all nor is it an intervention suitable for everyone. Carbohydrate restriction must be adapted to the specific situation of the client. When clients decide to apply carbohydrate restriction, it is the responsibility of the ketocoach to provide strict guidance to do this effectively and safely and to seek medical support when indicated. Rapid changes in clients’ metabolism are to be expected and this may interfere with potential drug use. In case of metabolic disorders and / or use of medication, ketocoaching always works in consultation with the attending physician.

Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction, TCR:

For medical caregiver in the regular and complementary health care, carbohydrate restriction can be an effective treatment strategy for certain disorders or metabolic imbalances. However, a medical caregiver can only effectively and safely allow a patient to follow a low-carbohydrate diet he or she is registered in the “Dutch Register of Ketocoaches” or the “Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners”. Caregivers who meet the above registration can coach patients on a low-carbohydrate diet themselves or leave (part of) this coaching to a registered ketocoach. When a caregiver refers a patient to a ketocoach for coaching, the caregiver remains responsible for this coaching and regular consultation takes place between the medical caregiver and the ketocoach.